Refunds on "Precious Pet Portraits" paintings.  


  Money back guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your final portrait proof, I will refund your money. Custom elements are not refundable.  
  Additional pets, custom backgrounds and additions (such as collars, change colors or detail work specifically specified by the customer are an additional 35%. A good quality cell phone photo is acceptable too.  
  Once I have received a good quality photo, received confirmation of payment and accepted the task in writing, work shall commence. If you wish to cancel your commission, please notify me as soon as possible. There will be a cancellation fee to cover shopping cart refund fees, administration, e-mails and prelims. If I have already started your portrait, there will be a charge for the time spent working on it. If you don't understand the digital portrait process as outlined in my creative process please go there now before you order and read all about this emerging fine art style. If you are unsure what a Precious Pet Portraits digital portrait is then please ask or do not order.  
  Copyright Information  
  I retain copyright on all the artwork I create. All commissioned artwork is displayed on the gallery page. Customer e-mails, in whole or in part may be used as a testimonial in the customer comments and in the gallery section. If you would prefer me not to display these please specify accordingly in your email. By submitting photographs for painting you declare that you are indeed the copyright owner of such work, or written permission from the copyright owner, to manipulate the image should be included in submission.  
  Damage in Transit  
  In the unlikely event that a painting or drawing is damaged in transit, the artwork must be sent back to me in its original packaging, upon which I will replace it. Overseas clients, please take photos of the artwork and e-mail these to me to discuss the best course of action.  
  I would like to assure you that your personal information will never leave the confines of my web site. My payment provider collects the information you give lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. They store your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address but will not pass those details onto any third parties (unless directed by a legal authority) You will not receive junk e-mail, regular mail or unsolicited phone calls from me.  
  You are able to order your portraits and gift certificates directly from me. Arrange payment with me in the safest way possible for you.